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A career in the hospitality industry can be both challenging and rewarding and includes restaurant, hotel, and resort positions that cater to serving guests with a smile. However, staff turnover is high in the hospitality industry, and anyone considering a management position within this segment should understand the reasons people leave their jobs - Tess Boardman

A high rate of staff turnover has an immediate effect in the hotel industry, especially in the guest service areas, and therefore you can't afford to lose a single employee. The labour turnover rate in the hospitality industry is generally higher than in other business segments. THE average staff turnover of the hospitality industry has jumped from 30% to more than 50%, according to a new survey

Managers and owners in the Hospitality industry face enormous obstacles every time they sit down to schedule staff for the multiple positions that must be filled every night. Hospitality sector deals with high employee turnover and demanding clientele. As any manager in this industry knows, there is little to no margin for error when it comes down to scheduling.

There are various reasons for high labor turnover. One of the crucial reasons is bad hiring. Staff recruited by recruiters who are not specialized in hospitality industry is the main reason. When you approach a general recruiting agency whose vast experience is either in recruitment for manufacturing, construction or oil and gas sectors, they don't understand what exactly hospitality industry require. Unlike other industry where only the experience and expertise counts, hospitality industry require staff require interpersonal skills, communication skills and more than else attitude of the staff. Only people who are in hospitality industry knows what they want.

There is no other industry in the world where the impact of personnel is as great as in hotels and restaurants. Competent and experienced staff are the hallmarks of a well-run operation. But the stakes are high when it comes to finding, and keeping, the right people - it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Attitude is key to providing quality services in the hospitality industry," Staff is the appearance of the hotel. The attitude of hotel employee to the guest is not less important than interior or menu of the hotel. Proper staff attitude starts with management and is then diffused to members of staff.

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