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Recruitment Process

Unlike many of our competitors, we don't just rely on advertising. We leverage our significant local and international experience in talent search We keep abreast of the latest trends in recruitment practices both here and overseas and network extensively in the industries we specialise in

The most general approach adopted by the recruitment agents in India is to release newspaper advertisements for candidate sourcing. This method carries an inherent risk: 'the right man may not even apply They are well qualified and happy people who are not actively looking to change positions. They are not scanning job advertisements, applying to recruitment agencies or surfing the web for their next career move. These people are "passive" they are the silent majority, and yet they will respond to an approach from a Head-hunter. Headhunting is the only way that an employer can be certain that they are speaking to the best candidates - not simply those that are "Actively Looking".

Secondly India consists of multi region, multi-language population. There are 56 local language newspapers and 18 English newspapers. There is not even one publication which controls the attention all over India. There are newspapers which have ten to fifteen editions from different cities but not circulated in all Indian cities. The recruiting agent may release advertisement in one or two newspapers, without the guarantee of coming to everyone's notice.

IHRI’s Head-hunters come into the picture at this juncture.

One of the key benefits of a Head-hunter is that they can attract passive candidates that normally would not be exposed to your job ad. This means you open your talent pool wider and potentially attract better quality candidates. These people are not actively looking for job roles, but head-hunters will use their networking or outreach skills to proactively seek them out and approach them. Head-hunters can improve the efficiency of your recruitment process by taking over the responsibility of locating and approaching talent and using their skills and experience to identify the most suitable candidates for the vacancy. They can save you time by removing the need for you to filter through huge number of unqualified job applications and only presenting you with the most relevant candidates.

Headhunting, also known as direct approach recruitment, consists of finding and selecting experienced profiles who match a client’s requirements. What’s different about head-hunters is that they use investigation techniques and approach candidates already in posts directly. The value of headhunting lies in the investigation work carried out and therefore the fact that potential candidates, currently employed elsewhere, are very precisely targeted, something traditional recruitment cannot achieve. Direct approach recruitment means that potential candidates who are not currently looking for a job (and therefore wouldn’t reply to a standard job advertisement) can be proactively sought. Head-Hunters of IHRI are stationed at different cities in India. Once they identify the 'right' person, they use their professional and social contacts to reach him.Our Head Hunting Team eliminates the possibility "the right man may not even apply to the advertisements"

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